Why Telluride Is One of the Best Places for Living

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In a beautiful place like Telluride, it makes sense to focus on spending time outdoors. In fact, many people flock to this magnificent area just for the chance to go skiing, hiking, and participate in a variety of outdoor activities. Fortunately, Todd Herrick, who is an avid outdoorsman himself, saw the advantage of keeping an outdoor adventure company like Telluride Outside alive. In 1995, he bought the company and expanded its operations with the help of his family. Today, you can partake in just about every outdoor activity imaginable with this esteemed outfitter, which offers year-round recreational opportunities to suite a variety of unique adventure needs. Whether you prefer to travel by foot, by bike, or by a motorized vehicle like a snowmobile, Herrick and family have worked hard to create an adventure company that lets you see Telluride the way you want to.

The History of Telluride Outside

Telluride Outside began in 1984, when it was founded by fellow outdoorsman Bill White. Originally, White offered rafting tours and fly fishing opportunities, based on his own personal preferences for outdoor adventure. Through the early 1990s, he managed to acquire the necessary permits to add other outdoor activities to his list of offerings too, including mountain bike tours and snowmobile tours. Later, car tours with 4WD vehicles were added to the list of possible ways that people could explore Telluride through Telluride Outside. Today, these activities and more are still offered. Along with the original outdoor adventure company that Telluride Outside started as, the company has expanded to have a retail component and an online presence.

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Changing Hands

Along with expanding its outdoor activities over time, Telluride Outside has also gone through several changes over time concerning leadership and ownership. Todd Herrick and his family, who were skilled and experienced in fly fishing and rafting, took control of those aspects of the company’s operations. In fact, Herrick also helped select a launching point for the company’s guided rafting tours. The site chosen was Gunnison Family Farms, which is a spectacular working farm that also doubles as a 90-acre orchard. Along with rafting, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing are all opportunities that visitors can enjoy while at the farm, which is located in Austin, CO. Eventually, however, after working as a raft guide for a number of years, Herrick opted to sell his guide services. The buyer was a man named Troy Youngfleish, who ultimately teamed up with fellow fly-fishing enthusiast and guide, John Duncan. The duo purchased the rafting guide services from Herrick. They also took charge the rafting adventures, mountain bike tours, and Jeep tours that the company still offers. The newest tour is the Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) tour, which was added to the company’s list of offerings in 2015. With the addition of several other guides and local experts, including Kris Knackendoffel and Ron Solomon, the company was able to expand on its guide services, including offering private and group tours to people of all skill levels and abilities.